“We pledge to bring high- quality treatment to suit your pocket”

Our network hospitals will provide you quality and cost effective treatment for all ailments where in surgeries if required will be done by renowned doctors who are highly recommended in their respective field of expertise.

Path labs/ Diagnostics centers

We have a host of path labs as well as diagnostic centers on our panel who pledge to provide highly reliable reporting for any ailment at competitive prices.

Blood sample Tests?

No need to travel to the path labs for getting it done. One call to us and we will have a flabetomist visit your place at a time of your convenience and draw the blood sample. The reports will be mailed to you as well as delivered to your place of choice at no extra costs at all.

Blood Bank

In need of blood ? We will help you out

We have tie ups with trust run blood banks in case of planned need of blood .All it takes is a phone call to us and we will arrange blood pints for any of fellow members.

Medical Experts for Consultations

How often precious time is spent just on deciding on a correct doctor who can treat your ailment from inception to discharge?

We have a team of highly qualified medical practitioners on our panel in individual capacities for expert medical consultation. We pledge to get you quality and correct treatment from a relevant medical expert in no more than 2 medical consultations.

Family Physicians

We understand the importance of having an element of personal touch while getting you treated……

Our network of family physicians can be that supporting force in case of a progressing treatment. The family physician is then your go-to person for any small health issues in future related to a previous treatment or otherwise.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is the most effective form of natural medicine any doctor can prescribe…..

We pledge to arrange for you physiotherapic care under the guidance of highly experienced physiotherapists at a place of your choice. All it takes is just one call…….

"To do what nobody else will do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through; is to be a nurse."-Rawsi Williams.

We provide personal nursing care at the home of the ailing that will endeavor to heal a person’s disease as well as his soul by having a feeling of being in constant care by his side whenever he/she needs.

Have an ailment…cant travel to a hospital ?

We pledge to bring effective quality treatment to the home of a person which includes doctors visit, nursing care and medical prescriptions.

Ambulance Services

Ambulance services will be provided for transportation of patients or the deceased on call.

Gym and Fitness Centers

“Exercise is labor without weariness.”-Samuel Johnson”

Avail world class physical fitness plans at our network of fitness centers at discounted prices.

Aesthetic and Beauty Centers

You work every day to earn a livelihood…..ever considered working on yourself to put your best foot forward at your work place?

Our network aesthetic and beauty centres cater to all your needs with regards to preventive care as well as matters of appearance , presentation and aesthetic wellness.

Door step Pharmacies

Have a hard time managing your medicine regime?....We will take care of it….

We are into complete disease management which includes prescription management for the fellow members. We will take care of your medicine supplies and also ensure that you are notified about your dosage intakes in consonance with your prescription.

The sum and substance being “We will make sure you take your prescribed medicines on time and never have to worry about going to buy them. We are all the store you need!!..”

*We believe drug substitution is a crime and should have nothing to do with healthcare and we pledge adherence to the no drug substitution policy*

Dieticians and Nutritionists

“Ever tried to know what your body needs in a day compared to what you eat in a day….? Your body will have to answer for all those indulgencies that you have had in your younger days.”

It is a discerning fact that over 60 % of the people of this world do not match their daily body needs with what they eat to even a quarter of a percentage!!

We get you the right diet for you from well known dieticians and nutritionists and help you balance your lifestyles thus preventing a host of later-age ailments that wrong diets lead to.

Clinical Psychologists

Not feeling good about yourself , depressed, erratic eating habits, lack of sleep over stress, unusual behavior ?

We help you secure correct counseling in matters relating your life. You may not need treatment and we hope come out of it without any medication…but is it worth a chance to not take medical opinion? One call and we will set it up for you.