Our extended core group includes financial wizards and tax experts who are capable of delivering simple solutions to complex issues. Their areas of expertise are as under:

Financial Planning.

Financial planning includes restructuring and reorganizing the financial affairs of an organization or individuals which include services for sick units to rehabilitate its undertakings.

“Know exactly which policy or combinations of policies suit your safety requirements first and of course secondly are not too harsh on your pocket...”

Taxation Planning

The services include planning and representation before authorities of direct and indirect taxes.

Wealth Management

Our expert teams are constantly reviewing the fund deployment opportunities and are analyzing risk and reward involved in any deployment making it one up in the field of maximizing the rate of return by swiping the investments from time to time based on such risk and reward analysis.

Income Tax Returns

Small and first timer tax payers find it difficult to identify and approach right resource for filing their returns. Our team endeavors to help such small/first time tax payers with a same care and diligence which is provided to SMEs and LTUs.

Arbitration and Tribunal Consultation

In the time consuming and costly legal litigations we endeavor to provide arbitration services to cut down on the time taken on litigation with affordable right solutions.